Services & Billing


Your goals in therapy are just that: yours. Whether your goals are to decrease anxiety or improve relationships, you will set the destination for yourself. Services can include individual, family, or couples counseling as we pursue those goals.

Sessions can be face-to-face, or via teletherapy. The initial 30-minute consultation is free, after which subsequent regular individual sessions are $100-120 per 45-minute session.


Currently, Cedar Trails counseling uses a private pay format, which does not directly bill insurance companies. We work with you to bill your insurance as an out-of-network provider as possible. We accept payment via Credit Card or check made out to Cedar Trails Counseling. See the FAQ page, or contact us if you have any questions.

  • FREE – Initial Consultation, 30 min
  • $100 Individual session, 45 min
  • $120 Family/Couples session, 45 min

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